Main purpose:

The DIGITAQ project aims to provide quality assurance in higher education in Algeria with a networked information system, based on a national database, able to meet all the needs of evaluation and foresight. DIGITAQ will allow the establishment of key performance indicators and/or reliable information to make reliable decisions to improve the management and quality of training and research.

Specific goals:

  • Facilitate the management of quality assurance processes by digitizing the three levels of quality processes: Steering, Implementation and Support in the seven areas defined in the national reference system (RNAQES)
  • Support the construction of the establishment project
  • Build measurement indicators and dashboards from the data generated
  • Enable the rapid identification of decisions to be made and improvements to be implemented by quickly visualizing the indicators (KPIs) to be monitored and making them available to the teams and/or to the management in charge of governance
  • Strengthen the internal evaluation of the quality approach within each institution and the external evaluation used by the MESRS represented by its Quality Agency, by providing stakeholders with a traceable system for strategic data and the entire evolution of the quality portfolio
  • Guarantee transparent communication and co-construction of a national vision of higher education and institutional projects that support this vision