Work package 2 of the DIGITAQ project is dedicated to the development of a digital quality assurance platform, adopting a global and scientific approach. Each of the deliverables in this WP is part of a coherent scientific approach, making an essential contribution to the realization of a solid and effective digital quality assurance platform.

Deliverable D2.1 is particularly important, as it builds runtime scenarios designed to simulate and test quality assurance processes. It aims to identify any shortcomings and make the necessary improvements to ensure effective quality assurance.

Deliverable D2.2 proposes an ontological model that ensures consistent representation of the concepts essential to the digital quality assurance platform. This model plays a key role in providing a solid, unified structure for the information system structure.

Deliverable D2.3 then focuses on the integration and implementation of the platform, with an emphasis on optimizing the user experience. This involves developing the functionalities and interfaces needed to enable users to access and interact effectively with the platform.

Deliverable D2.4 validates the platform’s functionality through real-life experiments, in accordance with the national reference framework. These experiments provide valuable data and feedback, enabling the platform to be improved and optimized to achieve high levels of quality.

Finally, deliverable D2.5 establishes a center of excellence dedicated to quality assurance. This center plays a crucial role in providing ongoing support for the use of the DIGITAQ platform, focusing on user training, technical support and the sharing of best practices. It thus promotes maximum use of the platform and contributes to continuous quality improvement.